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U16 PA West Open Champions - Coach Walker

U16 PA West Open Champions - Coach Walker

U10 Travel Team - PA West Open Semi Finals - Coach Sheffler

U10 Travel Team - PA West Open Semi Finals - Coach Sheffler

U12 PA West Open Champions - Coach Jachimiak

U12 PA West Open Champions - Coach Jachimiak

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Spring 2018 Registration links

Regular Registration has CLOSED.  Late Registration will be extended with a $25 late fee until 2/10.

U6 & U8 Registration:

U10, U12 & U15 Registration link:


OUTLAWS Spring Academy Soccer Training

The academy has NO affiliation with any local soccer organization and does not put teams together to play games.  We are not a classic soccer organization looking to take kids from other clubs.  However, most of the staff has either played at the college level, coached classic soccer, or ODP for years.  The mission of the Academy is to help improve the skill level of soccer in the Lawrence County area.  Period!

Players from all local organizations are encouraged to join with out the fear of being recruited away from their local clubs. On the contrary, we encourage players to return to their local clubs and show off their new skills and help other players learn.  The Outlaws Academy is in this for the long haul in hopes of helping local youth soccer players develop and become all they can be.

Skills Training
We will be offering 2 beginner classes and two intermediate classes at Marti Park.  All new players that join must enter the beginner class.  However, a player may be moved up to the intermediate level by the director if needed based on skill. To be placed in the intermediate class a player must have been part of a full indoor or outdoor academy session and be able to perform the basic skills.  Players may be moved between groups based on their commitment and skill ability.  Beginner classes will be held at Marti Park on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5:30 and intermediate classes will be held on those same days at 6:30.

New Additions to the Program

Goalie Training
This spring along with the skills training we will be offering professional goalie training as part of our program.  I have enlisted the services of a long time PA-West coach and good friend Sean Glackin.  Sean has been coaching soccer at every level for over 25 years and is phenomenal with kids.  He has won state championships and is a great goalie coach.  The goalie training will be intense as with everything else we offer in the club.  There will be two classes offered on Thursdays at Marti Park for kids ages 7-14.  The classes will be broken down into 7-10 year olds and 11-14 year olds.  There will be a 12-player limit on each class.  The classes are sure to fill up fast so please register early.  The classes will run 8-weeks and the cost is $90.00.  Every player will receive an Outlaws Academy Goalie Training T-shirt as part of their registration fee.

Level #2 Training
In addition to the skills classes we will be offering an invitation only class to those players that have passed the 1000 touch challenge during a full session.  This class will take the players to the next level and will focus on passing, receiving, and combination play.  No players will be accepted into this class unless they have gone through an entire season of skills training and passed the challenge.  The class will be offered at Marti Park on Thursdays from 5:30-7:00.  This will be the only class that meets for 1 ½ hours.  The first 30-minutes will consist of ball skills to keep the kids sharp and the other hour will focus on mastering new techniques.  The class will run 8-weeks and the cost is $150.00.  Every player in the group will receive an Outlaws Academy Level #2 training t-shirt as part of their registration fee.  This class will be taught by Michael Baptiste and Josh Allman.

Coaches Training
As the academy director I realize the importance of volunteer coaches in youth soccer.  Most of these coaches have had little soccer experience, have no interest in getting coaching licenses, yet want to play an important part in their childs development and coach a little soccer.  As part of our outdoor training we invite and encourage all coaches to take part in the skills training sessions at no charge.  Coaches can do as little or as much as they feel fit and are encouraged to take notes on the individual skills being taught.  We hope that these coaches will incorporate some of the skills they learn into their training sessions each week.  The staff is also able to help any coach put together a skills warm-up for their team at no charge.  Also, when I am available I will be happy to run a short 20-minute skills session at no charge for any team in the area.  My goal is to educate/train as many coaches as possible on ball skill development.  Building a strong foundation before moving on to tactics is critical to the success of every child.  My email and phone number are on the website and I am always available to talk.

Class Size
All outdoor academy classes will be capped at 20 players with exception of the goalie training which will be 12 players.  We want to offer a high-quality product and with more than 20 players it makes it hard for the staff to give individual attention to every child.  Therefore, once the 20-player cap has been hit the registration will be shut down for that given class.  Classes will fill up fast so get your child registered today. 

To register go to:

Latest News

A Note from Marti Park Board

By Kirstan Tervo 03/02/2018, 1:00pm EST

You may or may not know that Marti Park is working on improvements to the park. The park board is planning to replace the playground with an ADA approved one. It will not be all-inclusive due to the cost, but that is why we are also planning to put in a "Sensory Walk" which would enable all children of all abilities to play with the sensory, tactile, or musical panels placed along the walk. Sidewalks will also be put in to the restrooms and the large pavilion. Paved handicapped parking spaces will be put very near the newer pavilion near the playground so you can get to that easier. We are also proposing a walking trail around the perimeter of the park that will be handicapped accessible. It will connect with the sensory walk and the lower entrance to the nature trail. The trail will go through the brush that is in front of the large pine trees, across the field, out the other side and along the property line up to the split-wood rail fence. It will cross the parking lot and meet up with the front entrance to the nature trail. The nature trail will not become handicapped accessible, but remain as it is.

In order to do this, we are working on grants and fundraising. If anyone would like to make a tax-deductible donation for this undertaking, we would appreciate it. You can simply make a check out to Community Foundation, on the memo line mark Marti Park and mail it to: Wilmington Township, 669 Wilson Mill Road, New Castle, PA 16105. You can also make a donation online at They accept credit and debit cards. Simply click on the donate button, then on the next page, type in Marti Park in the search box. And it will be self-explanatory from there. It will only accept a $10.00 donation or larger. Only one person will see who and what you donated, if you are concerned. If you make a donation, which we hope you will, would you please send a letter to the above address simply stating: I donated $___________ to Marti Park for their renovation project. The park is a great place to play, have picnics, walk the trail, etc. I am very excited for the improvements they want to make. (You can put in anything you like or just the sentences above) Then sign it and mail it. Please put Attn: Marti Park so I will get it. For every donation letter I receive, I get points. Many letters, many points. I will be submitting the grant to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in April. Whatever money I can raise before I submit the application, they will match it. We really need as much as we can get. There is no such thing as too small, or to large, of a donation.

Coaching Certification

By Kirstan Tervo 02/05/2018, 7:00pm EST

US Soccer Releases Grassroots Licensing Courses

The new Grassroots Licensing Courses, which replace the F and E License Courses, offer an a-la-carte approach meant to empower coaches with education that is relevant to their specific coaching needs. The Grassroots Licenses will help coaches ensure fun, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate environments for their players. Prospective coaches will have the option to partake in any of these new courses – in any sequence – after completing a cost-free, Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module provided by U.S. Soccer.

Get started today at:

Wilmington Area Soccer Club

The mission of the club is to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer for youth under nineteen (19) years of age within the territory of Lawrence County, PA and Mercer County, PA and primarily in Wilmington Area School District.

The Wilmington Area Soccer Club shall be an affiliate of the Western Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association hereinafter known as PA West and has been constituted as a Youth Soccer Association as defined in the USYSA (United States Youth Soccer Association) Constitution.


We Believe
  • Playing soccer, developing skills and enjoying the sport are more important than winning
  • Every child is given the opportunity to play and improve.
  • Teams will be placed in a level of appropriate competition.
  • Practices and games will be conducted in a safe, organized, supervised manner.
  • Players and parents have a responsibility to the team.
  • Players, referees, coaches, and fans will be treated with respect.
  • Teams will be organized based on the beliefs stated.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the success of Wilmington Area Soccer Club.



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