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Wilmington Area Soccer Club


Puppy Pound - Ages 2 & 3 

Wilmington Area Soccer Club is offering a 5 to 6 week U4 Mommy/Daddy and Me program on Saturday Mornings at Marti Park. This BC United program is based on the Chicago Fire's "Little Sparks". Parents participate with their children to experience their first exposure to soccer together.

The program is designed for older 2 year old & 3 year old children. We use the fun of play and imaginative stories to teach them the framework of soccer. The focus is on your child's physical, mental, social and emotional development through the game of soccer! 
Your child will learn the fundamentals of soccer, develop balance, agility and coordination and explore the beginnings of teamwork.


Inhouse Programs- Ages 4 to 9

Wilmington Area Soccer club offers an inho
use program that is developmental with fun recreational play for children ages 4 through 9.  Check the age chart for guidance on which division your child falls under.  Our parent volunteers are a huge part of our success with this program.  We rely on our soccer parents to assist in coaching and training our kids with the proper drills, foot skills and knowledge of the game.  During these fundamental years of training, we hope to foster a love of the great sport of soccer.  

U5/U6 Division:  This is the first exposure your child will have to soccer and knowledge of play.  Your child will learn about teamwork and have age appropriate training on foot skills, dribbling, passing and practice shooting goals.  Usually children at this level will play 3 v 3 with no goal keeper.

U7/U8 Division:  This is a more advanced level of play than U5/U6, but offers great experience for beginners and experienced players alike.  Your child is still developing in soccer skills and will continue to learn the rules of the game and develop their foot skills, dribbling, passing and shooting, throw- ins, and "kick-offs".  Games will be played in a 4 v 4 format with no goal keeper.

U9/U10 Division:  Kids at this level are learning a more structured level of play.  Teams are created to ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone.  Games are played in a 7 v 7 format with goal keepers. Games are scheduled with other local clubs in our surrounding area to create a more competitive level of play.  There will be limited travel.


GAMESIn-House games play on Saturdays. Games are generally played in the mornings and are permitted to play into the afternoons as needed. Scheduled league games are not played on nationally declared holidays such as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Easter, etc.?
All games for teams playing in U5, U6, U7, and U8 In-House brackets will be played at home.
*U10 INHOUSE PROGRAMThe U10 inhouse team will have games on Saturdays with a mix of home and away games. There will be limited travel for away games. Practices will be twice a week TBD. 
(Games will ONLY be cancelled due to LIGHTNING!) U6 /U8 Commissioners and/or InHouse Coordinator must authorize any reschedule/cancellation.

PRACTICES:  Practices are held one night per week and are scheduled for Wednesday Evenings.
U7/U8 may have additional fundamentals practice each week- day and time determined by coach. This age may also participate in at least one U8 Friendly Festival.

SEASONS:  The starting and ending dates of each season are set by PA-West. PA-West requires a minimum 6-week game schedule, following the US Youth code under FIFA. Eight weeks are scheduled in order to provide the required six (6) games and an additional two (2) games considered as "cushion" in the event of cancellations due to weather, etc. during the regular season.

U5/U6: Cleats are not required, but recommended. Shin GUARDS REQUIRED. Balls will be available for those who do not have one, but it is recommended that all players have a size 3 ball. 
U7/U8: Cleats and shin guards are required and a team jersey will be required. The cost of the team jersey is included in the registration fee. Balls will be available for those who do not have one, but it is recommended that all players have a size 3 ball. 


Spring 2021 Travel (Birth years 2007 to 2012)


Wilmington Area Soccer Club is affiliated with and governed by PA West.  Our teams are created with several determining factors in mind.  When possible and based on registration, we will have separate girls and boys teams.  Sometimes we may not have that option and teams will be Co-Ed.  Our coaches for each level of play are parent volunteers who have usually worked their way through the soccer ranks with their child.  We appreciate our parent volunteers!  Though this level of play is our most competitive with more focus on technical skills, our club is developmental and each player will have equal playing time.  

U10 Girls Travel:  We currently have one U10 travel team made up of all girls.  This team is led by Tanya Stahlman and her father Scott Bintrim.  Other U10 travel teams may be formed during upcoming seasons based upon registration and coach availability.  

U11/U12 Travel:  Depending upon registration we may have a few U11/U12 teams which may either be all girls, all boys or co-ed.  

U13/U14 Travel:  Depending upon registration we may have a few U13/U14 teams which may either be all girls, all boys or co-ed.  

: Our travel teams are governed by PA West. Games will be on Sundays with 4 home and 4 away games. You will play other travel teams, equal to the skill level that is determined by our team makeup. Travel is usually not more than a 30 minute drive. Practices will be twice a week TBD. You will NOT be assigned to PA West Travel U10 without parent and/or board approval.

SEASON: The season will begin the second week of April and run through the first weekend in June. All Travel Teams play on Sundays.

PRACTICES: Practices are held two nights per week TBD by coaches

•Players team placement will be determined by registration dynamics. WASC is a developmental club and we provide the best opportunity for growth in all players. 
•WASC teams from U9 to U17 will NOT be determined by parents requests for the following: A specific coach to have or NOT to have for your child, your child to be placed on or Not to be placed on a specific team with a specific person, special days and times you wish for your child to practice.