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Open Board member positions at WASC PDF Print E-mail

WASC currently has two open board positions to staff by the start of our 2015 Fall soccer season. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please contact WASC President - Mark Arblaster by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Uniform Coordinator -
  • Each season coordinate with the In-house Coordinator and Registrar to put together and purchase uniforms for all teams.
  • Before the start of the season coordinate with coaches to distribute uniforms.
Field Coordinator -
  • During the season ensure that all fields are game ready including field painting, goals anchored and nets attached.
  • If desired organize a work crew to help with getting fields ready for the start of the season.
Public Relations -
  • At the start of each season distribute flyers to schools to announce the opening of registration.
  • Contact the list of club sponsors and enroll new sponsors when possible.
Coaching Coordinator -
  • Provide coaches support such as general guidance for teaching their age group, providing teaching materials and addressing any coaches concerns.
  • Hold a pre-season coaches meeting to introduce coaches and provide season goals.
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Welcome PDF Print E-mail
Welcome to the Wilmington Area Soccer Club (WASC).  The purpose of the club shall be to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer for youth under nineteen (19) years of age within the territory of Lawrence County, PA and Mercer County, PA and primarily in Wilmington Area School District.

The Wilmington Area Soccer Club shall be an affiliate of the Western Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association hereinafter known as PA West and has been constituted as a Youth Soccer Association as defined in the USYSA (United States Youth Soccer Association) Constitution.

We Believe
  • Playing soccer, developing skills and enjoying the sport are more important than winning
  • Every child is given the opportunity to play and improve.
  • Teams will be placed in a level of appropriate competition.
  • Practices and games will be conducted in a safe, organized, supervised manner.
  • Players and parents have a responsibility to the team.
  • Players, referees, coaches, and fans will be treated with respect.
  • Teams will be organized based on the beliefs stated.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the success of Wilmington Area Soccer Club.
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